Newid Hinsawdd, Newid Byd

20.02.19 Posted by: Steffan Griffiths @SteffGriff

Steffan Griffiths is a familiar face to viewers of S4C – especially those who have an interest in the weather.


Now Steffan has taken his expertise in forecasting whether we’ll be faced with wind, rain or sun to new heights with a special programme on S4C – Newid Hinsawdd, Newid Byd (Translation: Climate Change, Changing World).


Steffan will be joined by Daf Wyn, presenter on Heno and Prynhawn Da. The two have already been on two journeys together for the programmes Everest Steff a Daf (2016) and Crwydro Clwyd (2018).


Newid Hinsawdd, Newid Byd, which is being broadcast on Sunday at 9.00pm, is looking back at the extreme weather we experienced in 2018 and the reason why Wales and the world finds itself in the climactic conditions it is enduring at the moment.


“We look at the ‘Beast from the East’, the dry summer and the floods we experienced last year and ask if they are linked to global warming and also if there is more of this kind of weather on the way,” said Steffan, from Peniel, near Carmarthen who, as well as presenting the weather is a post graduate in Glaciology.


“This is a very different programme to our other two,” said Steffan. “We talk to people who have been affected by the extreme weather as well as experts in the field including Dr Arwyn Edwards who has been studying weather patterns in the Arctic for 12 years.


“We go over to ETH Zurich University to talk to Dr Huw Cathan Davies – a Welsh-speaker originally from Ammanford – who is one of the world’s leading experts on climate change.”


So, is there hope for our planet for the future? Well, it’s not all bad news and during the programme Steff and Daf visit IBERS (Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences) at Aberystwyth University to see what is being done in Wales to stop the environmental problems we are facing as a country.


“They are doing research into developing crops which can withstand extreme temperatures or floods,”explained Steffan. “There are plans to look at how we can use water from old coal mines in south Wales as a source of geothermol heat in order to heat houses and produce green energy.”


Steffan describes Newid Hinsawdd, Newid Byd as a rollercoaster ride. “The planet is in a very vulnerable state, and we must all do our part as a matter of urgency. We hope that the programme will throw some light on the subject,” he said.

May: A month of settled weather

23.05.18 Posted by: Megan Williams @meganeleri

May: A month of settled weather

We can’t complain about the weather this month, can we? On the whole, May has brought fair weather with a number of dry and pleasant days and temperatures often reaching the 20s especially towards eastern Wales. We had the warmest early Mayday Bank Holiday on record, reaching 26C at Velindre. Yesterday, once again we had sunny and warm weather with the temperature in Porthmadog reaching 26°C, the warmest spot in the UK.

And today, Wales enjoys fine weather, a lovely early taste of Summer! But why the settled weather? Simply, the Jetstream. But, what is the Jetstream? It is the main influence on our weather. The Jetstream consists of ribbons of very strong winds which move weather systems around the globe. The jetstream lies 9-16 km above the surface of the Earth, just below the tropopause, and can reach speeds of 200 mph. Its location basically predicts the weather; In most cases, when the jetstream lies north of the British Isles the weather will be settled, and to the south, expect unsettled weather. This week, the jetstream lies well to the north bringing generally dry and pleasant weather and in a north-easterly breeze, western areas including Wales enjoys the best of the weather!


The favorable weather is, of course, to be welcomed. Nature thrives and the land is drying quickly. Many farmers have started cutting the fields for silage. But the sunshine brings a few risks. We expect high UV levels and moderate Pollen levels. Keep this in mind if you’ll be out enjoying the sun.

So let’s hope that the Jetstream keeps to the north and the high pressure sticks around for a while. At the moment, the weather for the Urdd Eisteddfod in Builth Wells next week doesn't look too bad! Keep a keen eye on the forecast.

Pollen - Megan Williams

17.05.18 Posted by: Megan Williams @meganeleri


The weather's looking promising for the Weekend, 'good news' we hear you shout! But for those who suffer from Hay fever, most of the time, fine weather comes with caution! Hay fever is usually associated with the summer season but can start as early as January and finish in late September, so bad news for those who are suffering!

Bright and colourful flowers are not primarily to blame for the cause of hay fever but it's the dull, colourless plants such as trees, grass and weeds. They produce the pollen that affects sufferers and their pollen peaks at different periods during spring and summer;

- Tree Pollen: late March-mid May
- Grass Pollen: mid-May-July
- Weed Pollen: late June-September

Pollen is made of tiny particles which are released by plants and trees. The colourless plants rely on the breeze to spread the pollen; these plants are called ' anemophilous '. The pollen particles are smaller and produced in much higher quantities meaning the pollen is in the air and can easily enter your eyes and nose!

Hay fever affects 1 in 5 of the UK population, usually beginning in childhood and is more common in boys than girls. It is normal for symptoms to improve as children grow and disappearing completely for around 15% of sufferers.

So be careful over the Weekend and bear in mind that the UV will be high too.

New partnership between the S4C and The Met Office

02.12.16 Posted by: Steffan Griffiths @SteffGriff

Come rain or shine, the brand new S4C weather service will be launched on 1 December that see’s the start of an exciting partnership between the Met Office and S4C.

The Met Office is the UK's National Weather Service and the institution is renowned for its excellence in predicting the weather. According to standards set by the World Meteorological Organization, the Met Office’s weather prediction model is the most accurate on the planet.

And with the Welsh weather so volatile at times, accuracy is key, so it’s good to know that the system used by S4C is also being used by the Ministry of Defence, local authorities, the Coastguard and mountain rescue teams.

"The Met Office has credibility when it comes to predicting the weather. They collaborate with virtually every sector and industry. Broadcast is just a small part of their work,” explains Steffan Griffiths, one of the presenters of S4C’s weather service along with Chris Jones and Yvonne Evans.

The new look weather service will also benefit from the Visual Cortex graphics system, which has been developed by Met Office partner Presentation Cartography. The system integrates a wide range of data about the weather as well as traffic and environmental information.

Steffan, who’s from Peniel in Carmarthenshire, is looking forward to using the new system.

He said: "Chris, Yvonne and I are very excited about the graphics as we move from static symbols to graphics that move across the screen. And with access to the wealth of information that’s collected by the Met Office, the potential to do different things is huge. After all, the Met Office is the best weather company and our partnership with them means that the viewer will benefit from weather forecasts of the highest quality."

A brand new app and website and will also be launched to coincide with the new service which means that the public at home can access the latest Met Office forecast from their computer or device. And with a dramatic increase in the number of adventure visitors to Wales, there's no doubt that the new S4C Tywydd app will be essential when wandering the mountains of Snowdonia or the coastal path in Pembrokeshire.

Tom Shapland, Head of Media and Content Partnerships at the Met Office said: “We are really proud and excited to be partnering with S4C for their new look weather broadcast service. Welsh audiences will see a real difference to the weather they receive as the new graphics system will bring to life the Welsh landscape and will deliver more engaging forecasts. In addition, S4C Tywydd website and app users will also benefit from our world leading forecasts and National Severe Weather Warnings so that everyone can prepare and stay safe, whatever the weather may bring.”

S4C Factual Content Commissioner Llion Iwan said: “We can experience very different weather on the same day in Wales. So we need a weather service that can consistently provide the latest information that’s correct to specific areas. It's a great example of how S4C provides a contemporary service to the whole of Wales.”